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Emanuel School

Emanuel School, Battersea, London


Sustainable Hydration

Emanuel School in Battersea, London is an ambitious school community that aims to provide a well-rounded education to its pupils. Supplying adequate and safe water for the children is key to their physical and mental health, so it was important to get right and provide sufficient facilities for the students and staff.

Emanuel School
Emanuel School Objectives


Emanuel School approached us for a hydration solution for its pupils that not only provided adequate drinking water to ensure the students would be hydrated, but also that the facilities would be hygienic and safe to use as the school reopened following the closures due to the pandemic.


  • TickSafe access to clean drinking water
  • Tick100% hands-free water solutions
  • TickBottle filler and drinking fountains

Our Drinking Water Solution

Concentrating on providing safe drinking water solutions to encourage healthy hydration for students.


We provided hands-free bottle refill stations and drinking fountains for Emanuel School in Battersea, South London.

These appliances had to meet certain criteria of quality and capacity to ensure that usage of the drinking water facilities was easy and safe to use for the students of various ages, throughout the school. The requirement was for safe drinking water solutions as the school reopened following the coronavirus pandemic.

Key Features

  • Bottle filler & drinking fountains encourage refill culture and help reduce single-use plastic waste heading for landfill
  • Easy to keep clean and maintain
  • Built-in drain for water with minimal spills
  • Contactless operation to help stop spread of pathogens
  • Can be installed at a lower height for children of all ages and varying accessibility needs
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Antimicrobial Components

For added hygiene and COVID-19 safe water

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Easy to reach and use for children

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Encourages refill culture

Reduces single-use plastic bottle waste


The school have been impressed by The Water Cooler Company’s high standard of customer service. Responses to enquiries and quotations have been prompt and goods have arrived within days of orders being placed.

Furthermore, the filling stations are competitively priced, reliable, easy to install and attractive. The installation of the bottle filling stations have been an integral part of the school’s COVID control measures so excellent customer service is critical from the school’s preferred suppliers.

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