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Benefits of Having a Water Cooler in the Office

Benefits of Having a Water Cooler in the Office

Benefits of Having a Water Cooler in the Office

The Water Cooler Company1/20/2016Water Cooler Queries

An important law in U.K workplaces in that all employees are required easy access to free, clean drinking water. Providing your employees with a water cooler means that they can stay hydrated throughout the work day, keeping productivity at their highest. Aside from it being a law, there are additional benefits to having a water cooler in your office:

They are environmentally friendlyThe-Water-Cooler-Company-benefits-of-a-water-cooler

Most water coolers available in the U.K make use of recyclable plastic bottles and other eco-friendly materials. The plastic bottles that are used with bottled water coolers can also be cleaned and reused.

They are space efficient

Water coolers are available in a variety of sizes, meaning that you are guaranteed to find a water cooler to suit your individual needs. This is especially effective in office kitchens or dining areas where space is limited.

They increase worker productivity

Staying well-hydrated throughout the day keeps workers healthy, happy and productive. Studies have shown that workers who have easy access to drinking water are over 25% more productive and happy at work than those workers who have difficulty staying hydrated at work.

They can filter impurities out of tap water (model dependent)

Mains water coolers tap directly into your office's plumbing system and filter water than may be unpleasant or unsafe to drink. Certain water coolers come equipped with their own filtration systems.

They are energy efficient (model dependent)

Some bottled water coolers models are completely free-standing and can function out of the box.


Date: 9/25/2020
Levi Armstrong
It's great that you mention that one of the benefits of providing a water cooler to your employees is that they would remain healthy, happy, and productive. My brother is thinking of opening a marketing firm soon, so I'll share this with him. I believe having a water cooler in the office would be efficient for everyone working there. Thanks!

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