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Return to the Office: Are you prepared?

Return to the Office: Are you prepared?

Finally, the restrictions relating to COVID-19 have been lifted. As the UK basks in a summer heatwave many of us will be thinking about our holidays, however on the back of everyone’s mind will be the exciting, potentially daunting, return to work.

In a recent survey 65% of respondents stated when working remotely they missed the social aspect of their pre-COVID work life [1]. This is a feeling that many of us can empathise with.

Many of us miss those ‘water cooler moments’: the chance to catch up with colleagues and friends as we take a break to get some water.

A safe return to the office

Our return to the office must be safe, considered, and gradual. The prime minister Boris Johnson has stated that his recommendation is for a ‘gradual return to work’ and that employers should focus upon ‘planning a safe return to the workplace’ [2].

For some, a safe return to the workplace may involve a cultural shift to a more hybrid form of working; with only those who need, or want, to be in the office being present at any given time [3].

Moreover, it is expected that whilst social distancing will no longer be legally mandated, it will become a cultural norm.

One potential positive of the COVID-19 pandemic is that many of us are now more conscious about our health. We are for example exercising more and maintaining hydration [4]. Hopefully these cultural changes will translate into the office, creating a more health-conscious workplace community.

Hygienic drinking water solutions

In terms of infrastructure employers will have an even greater motivation to keep their employees safe at work. One method of doing this would be to install hygienic systems which operate communal items such as touch-free doors and water coolers [5]. Touch free water coolers, such as the Kalix contactless, ensure that an essential, shared resource poses a minimal risk of cross contamination.

Kalix contactless water cooler

When we return to the office, dust off the computers and return our existing water system to working order [6] it may feel like we have stepped back into to the world which existed before COVID-19. However, this is not the case, COVID-19 still exists, and we must learn to live with it for now.

We have all struggled, learned and grown throughout this pandemic and whilst the return to work is an exciting prospect it is one which must be done safely.

Advice for using your water cooler safely

If you have any questions about safe drinking water solutions for your office, including hygiene kits, sanitisation, and advice on turning your water cooler back on after a dormant period, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to help you.

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