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An endless stream of clear as crystal, invigorating, refreshing chilled filtered drinking water.


Experience an unlimited stream of crystal clear and refreshingly chilled filtered drinking water.

Chilled Only

The Billi Alpine 120 utilises an innovative high performance thermostore tank. This tank is specially designed to rapidly chill water with its superior insulation and uses less energy during the cooling process.

Chilled and Ambient

The Alpine 125 has the same features as the 120 model but uses the DDA compliant level tap providing both chilled and ambient water.

Welcome to the World Of Chilled Execellence

Low Energy Consumption

The Billi Alpine water dispensers feature the unique high performance Thermostore tank which provides superior insulation. This keeps the water chilled and ensures that less energy is used during the chilling process. All of the Billi Alpine taps have a standard energy saving mode that enables standby when not in use over a long period.

Smallest Under Counter Footprint

The Alpine range was designed to focus on space saving and is half the size of comparative under sink chilled. It sets the standard with it sitting at only 180mm wide. The overall dimensions are just 1340mm (H) x 180mm (W) x 360 (D) making this under the counter unit space efficient.

No Need For Cupboard Ventilation

The Alpine Billi water dispenser range does not require an cupboard ventilation.

Adjustable Chilled Temperature

By simply adjusting the control knob, your Alpine water dispenser will be able to maintain a temperature between 6°C and 15°C. They are able to reach the desired temperature quickly and are able to maintain it over a long period.

Unlimited Supply Of Filtered Water

The Billi Alpine 125will continue to draw ambient water after the tank of chilled water is empty. Therefore, providing you with an endless stream of filtered drinking water.


All Billi taps carry a 24 month parts and labour warranty.


  • Alpine 120 (932120)
  • Alpine 125 (932125)