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Where to Position Your Water Cooler in the Office

Where to Position Your Water Cooler in the Office


Having a water cooler in the office can often have a chain reaction within the company, wherein co-workers can find themselves engaged in conversation with one another around the area. Although you may not believe this is good for your business, the opposite is true.

Not only does it improve employee morale, but it can also encourage creative brainstorming and the free flow of ideas. To effectively facilitate this kind of conversation, it’s important you consider where to position your water cooler within the office.

The Reception Area

The reception area is a space where you will find visitors and clients on a daily basis. For this reason, it’s ideal for you to place a water station in the area. Small disposable cups or clean drinking glasses invite visitors to quench their thirst, while allowing them to feel more at ease in your office.

The Kitchen Area

Since it’s vital for constant hydration throughout the day, placing a (standing or counter top) water cooler in, or close to, the kitchen. This will not only encourage your employees to grab a glass of water when they’re having lunch or coffee, but also ensure a cleaner desk as there are no glasses left lying around.

Away from Sunlight

Office water coolers should not be placed within direct sunlight as this will heat up the water. Unless you have a water bottle cover, it’s important to keep the bottles that aren’t being used away from sunlight as well. Not only can direct sunlight alter the taste of the water, but it can cause it to go green, resulting in an unappetizing appearance for would-be water drinkers.

Against the Wall

Wherever you choose to place your water cooler, it can be useful to keep it close to a wall. This will ensure it’s out of the way and your employees don’t run the risk of tripping over a cable. Keeping the water cooler near the wall will help to protect the dispenser and prevent any accidental bumps.

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