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Water is precious: 8 simple tips on how to save water at home

Water is precious: 8 simple tips on how to save water at home

Sophie, The Water Cooler Company3/4/2020Plastic-Free Drinking Water

The reduction in potable water consumption is one of the priorities of Agenda 2030 UN. We can all contribute to a more sustainable development through more careful and responsible choices. Here's where to start.

We must be conscious of our domestic water consumption water consumption, remembering that saving water means polluting less. In fact, water requires a lot of energy to be purified, purified and transported. Consumption by water infrastructure is estimated at 0.83 kWh / m3, or 2.1% of the national energy requirement.

8 Simple tips on how to save water at home
Let's see in detail how many litres we can save each year with these small and simple tricks in the home:
  • Apply breakwater to taps - 6.000 lt
  • Take a quick shower instead of taking a bath - 28,000 (approx)
  • Use washing machines and dishwashers only at full load - 8.000 lt
  • Install 10,000 lt double button toilet flush cisterns
  • Use running water only to rinse vegetables and dishes 3.000 lt
  • Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth or shaving 7,500 lt
  • Repair leaks, for example tap or toilet flush 3,000 lt
  • What is more, it is possible to reduce water consumption in your home by adopting systems such as water softeners to eliminate limescale.

Water Softeners
  • Softened water makes it possible for the average family to save and reduce:
  • 50% the use of polluting detergents
  • 5% energy waste and utility costs
  • The need for maintenance of household appliances by 10%
  • Not to mention the related advantages: bathroom without limescale, shiny taps and more long-lasting appliances.
Sustainable Drinking Water
Drinking water in the home from a glass instead of bottled water is a much more sustainable option for the environment as well. Using fresh filtered water from a sustainable solution like a mains-fed water cooler or a Zip tap is a perfect long-term way to drink quality filtered water. By installing one of these in your kitchen, you are bypassing all the negatives of both plastic bottled water and unfiltered tap water.

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