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How to replace your Water Filter

Water Filter Replacement Instruction Guide

Water Filter Replacement Instruction Guide

Sophie, The Water Cooler Company5/10/2019
How to replace your Water Filter

This step by step guide shows you how easy it is to change an in-line water filter for your Plumbed Water Cooler or Drinking Water Fountain. Water Filters must be changed every 6 months to maintain the integrity of your appliance. Water Filters eliminate any harmful chemicals and impurities leaving you with a clean, great-tasting glass of water. No tools are required - all you will need is a water filter and a bucket.

Step 1. First, switch off the mains water supply shut-off valve.

Step 2. Disconnect the old water filter by pushing in the small ring at one end while pulling the tubing out at the same time. Do the same to the other end. Dispose of the old water filter.

Step 3. Take the new water filter and push the tubing into each end.

Step 4. Switch the mains water supply valve back on.

Step 5. Let the water flush through the water filter into the bucket. Flush until the water runs clear, which is usually up to 5 litres. This is to flush out any loose carbon that may be sat inside the filter.

Step 6. You’re ready to go! Enjoy your clean, great-tasting drinking water.

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