Elkay LZWSM82K Filtered EZH2O In-Wall Recessed Bottle Filling Station

Elkay LZWSM82K Filtered EZH2O In-Wall Recessed Bottle Filling Station

Part Number:ELK004
£2,613.60 (£2,178.00 ex VAT)

Product Description

The world’s best selling in-wall water bottle filling station. The all new Elkay LZWSM82K electronic water bottle filler is the most advanced, and only electronic bottle filler currently available in the UK. This unit has the capability to rapidly refill sports bottles with large quantities of refreshing, chilled water making it highly suited to busy environments. The auto sensor automatically starts and stops the water flow when a bottle is placed into position, helping to save water and electricity. What’s more, with no mechanical taps to replace and a hermetically sealed refrigerator unit, expensive repairs are now a thing of the past. This means that along with its quick and energy-efficient running, it will also provide water of the highest standards of cleanliness. This machine takes care of itself via its LED lights, which glow green, yellow or red to indicate when filter maintenance is required. This unit is packed with features this unit manages to take up little space as it is designed to be built into the wall. The ultimate bottle filling station.

Key Features

  • Regrigerated
  • Sensor controlled water flow prevents chugging or spitting, allowing the easy filling of water bottles
  • Sensor ensures ultimate hygiene levels by avoiding user contamination
  • Trademark GreenCounter will display on screen the amount of plastic bottles saved from landfill by being refilled
  • Frame is made of corrosion-resistant, galvanised steel
  • Durable stainless steel panels
  • Louvred pattern to drain excess water run-off
  • Any plastic components which could be susceptible to mildew or mould are treated with a silver ion based anti-microbial substance to prevent contamination
  • WaterSentry Plus filter, made with activated carbon and patented lead removal media
  • Filter effectively removes odours and discolouration from the water, but more importantly lead and chlorine traces
  • The filter also features a quick-disconnect mechanism, and automatic shut off valve in the event that the filter is removed
  • Hermetically sealed with a self-lubricated fan and built-in overload-protection
  • Refrigerator unit requires little maintenance, despite its high effectiveness
  • Unit turns off after 30 seconds to save water

Recommended Environments

  • Public areas
  • Industrial
  • Education
  • Leisure
  • Healthcare