Dream Fizz 4400 Sparkling Floor Standing Water Cooler

Dream Fizz 4400 Sparkling Floor Standing Water Cooler

Part Number:AAF026
£937.20 (£781.00 ex VAT)

Product Description

The Fizz 4400 is a high capacity machine combining proven reliability, functionality and robustness of the Dream 4400, with the added luxury of a sparkling water option. Each carbonated drink is made individually ensuring a good carbonation level. Just press the FIZZ button and hear the CO2 inject into the water, delivering delicious sparkling water straight to your cup. The push and hold buttons avoid leaving taps running, putting you at ease by eliminating any unwanted puddles in the office. The push buttons also reduce the chances of contamination, making it great for public environments with high usage. Sleek black and silver moulded front panels make it quick and easy to wipe down and keep clean at all times. This machine not only looks professional but it performs professionally. Enjoy both chilled still water and invigorating sparkling water at the touch of a button.

Key Features

  • Air cooled static-type condenser refrigeration system means for an incredibly quiet but powerful machine
  • Multifunctional high capacity chiller
  • Integrated cup dispenser for utter convenience which accepts 7 and 9oz cups
  • ‘HygieneGuardä’ tap cover prevents user contamination. Rest assured no nasty germs will spread in your office
  • Modern push and hold buttons makes for optimum hygiene
  • Buttons light up upon touch
  • FIZZ button delivers sparkling water
  • High impact, durable drip tray as well as removable anti-splash grid. These easily removable parts guarantee a thorough clean in those hard to reach areas

Recommended Environments

  • Offices
  • Hospitality
  • Receptions
  • Education
  • Industrial 
  • Healthcare