Biorefresh Floor Standing Mains-fed Water Cooler Rental

Biorefresh Floor Standing Mains-fed Water Cooler Rental

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Water Cooler Rental
Biorefresh Floor Standing Mains-fed Water Cooler

Available to rent across the UK

The Biorefresh Water Cooler from Culligan provides the convenience of on-demand hot, cold, room-temperature and sparkling water to your entire office or home. This mains-fed water cooler has a dispensing area large enough to accommodate most beverage containers including bottles and tall glasses. The Biorefresh Bottle-Free water machine is a modern, easy-to-use water cooler and is guaranteed to encourage hydration and improve workplace productivity. The spacious dispensing area makes it possible to fill every type of bottle, even the ones with a capacity of 1 litre, and thanks to the easy and intuitive button panel, you can dispense your favourite water with a single press. Not only can you choose the type of water you want to dispense, whether that be chilled, sparking, hot, or extra hot - the Extra Hot mode delivers a temperature of 90°C for the perfect cup of coffee or tea. It also has an energy saving mode and built in leak detection with automatic water shut off. A best-selling water cooler from a brand you can trust.
Key Features

  • Modern free-standing design
  • Modern LED buttons
  • Large, illuminated dispensing area
  • Sealed stainless-steel cold tank with a large compressor for faster recovery
  • Extra hot mode which delivers a temperature of 90°C
  • Dispenses 18 litres chilled water and 18 litres of hot water per hour
  • Large drip tray and optional drain line
  • Built in leak detection with alarm and automatic shut off
  • Premium sparkling water option
  • The Hot version is equipped with an energy-saving mode to reduce power consumption during periods of non-use
  • Filtered water: We recommend using a carbon block water filter for great-tasting, clean water
  • Available on a rental basis across the UK
  • Available in Ambient and Chilled or Hot, Ambient and Chilled