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Access To Drinking Water Fountains In Public Spaces

Access to Drinking Water Fountains in Public Spaces

Access to Drinking Water Fountains in Public Spaces

The Water Cooler Company10/12/2018Hydration Advice

Making water fountains accessible to the population can be highly beneficial for not only the health and quality of the life of its citizens, but also in terms of waste reduction, sensible resource management, and the promotion of municipal water, among other things.

The over consumption of sugary sweet beverages are strongly associated with obesity and numerous chronic illnesses, yet the food industry still encourages the consumption of these beverages. Facilitating access to water fountains makes it possible to offer citizens a genuine healthy, economical, and eco-friendly hydration option.

Drinking water fountain in public spaces

Increasing the number of water points in public places can be beneficial for municipalities as well. Indeed, such a measure can help reduce the use of single use containers, such as water or sugary sweet beverage bottles, which ultimately end up in municipality managed community recycling depots or garbage dumps.

A fountain in every school

The importance of drinking water fountains for schools and educational facilities has become a focal point over the past few years. Providing students with easy access to clean drinking water is seen as important as providing good quality food during the day.

A fountain in every park

Outdoor drinking water fountains should be installed in every park. Parks and recreational facilities require water to encourage healthy hydration, organized sports, casual games, and personal fitness. This makes it easy for residents to locate a fountain when need be.

At Drinking water fountains, we have outdoor drinking fountains which are cost-effective, relatively easy to install and can be positioned at any height- giving access to drinking water to adults as well children. If you have any questions, contact us on 08455004455 or send us an email with your query at [email protected].


Date: 3/6/2020
Charli Smith
Its not a good sub for water fitness waters have calories and carbs and sugar!!! they are made for active people, not people trying to lose weight. drink water with a lemon slice for extra flavor if you want.

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