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110v Water Coolers: Providing Construction Sites’ with Hassle-Free Water

110v Water Coolers: Providing Construction Sites with Hassle-Free Water

110v Water Coolers: Providing Construction Sites with Hassle-Free Water

Edward Bowden8/5/2021Safety & Hygiene

A water cooler is a staple of the construction site.

Not only is the provision of safe drinking water a legal necessity [1] but the water cooler is also often a great place for colleagues to socialise while on a job. There is unfortunately a gulf between the water coolers that many companies offer and those which are suitable for construction sites.

This is because many water coolers use a 240v system. Whereas most sites are required by their insurance as well as health and safety advice to use 110v systems, for all their non-cabin electricals [2].

110v systems are used on construction sites to mitigate their increased electrical risk, which is caused by the large amounts of dust and high potential for damage to electrical cables resulting from the work that is being carried out. 110v systems are used as the maximum voltage a person can be shocked by is 55v. As their centre tapped design means that a 110v systems is in effect two 55v systems [3]. Therefore, if an accident does occur the potential for harm is much less severe.

At The Water Cooler Company, as a subsidiary of Culligan, we have the resources, as well as the understanding, to bridge the gulf and supply constructions sites with the 110v coolers that match their needs. Meaning that workers’ safety can be protected, and compliance can be ensured, without the use of an expensive transformer. All whilst those at work enjoy well-earned, great tasting water.

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Date: 5/24/2022
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