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Indoor Drinking Water Fountains

The Water Cooler Company has an extensive range of indoor drinking water fountains, including floor standing and wall mounted fountains, refrigerated fountains and a range of bottle filling stations, designed to dispense water automatically using sensors avoiding the need to use a button or lever. We offer the whole range for outright purchase and we also have the option of renting drinking water fountains.

Indoor Floorstanding Drinking Fountains Indoor wall mounted Drinking Fountains Indoor Recessed Drinking Water Fountains

Indoor drinking water fountains are an ideal long-term solution to the provision of drinking water. We sell all the plumbing equipment necessary to install the fountains and also a range of water filter options for customers wanting to reduce impurities in the water. Detailed information about the specification of the cooler and installation instructions are also provided. For those customers who prefer not to install themselves, we have a team of trained and experienced engineers who will install them for you.

Featured Products
DWF2 Wall Mounted Water FountainDWF2 Wall Mounted Water Fountain
348.00 (290.00 ex VAT)
DWF1 Wall Mounted Water FountainDWF1 Wall Mounted Water Fountain
204.00 (170.00 ex VAT)
Oasis F200PM, Semi-Recessed, Drinking Water FountainOasis F200PM, Semi-Recessed, Drinking Water Fountain
576.00 (480.00 ex VAT)

Our range of indoor drinking fountains has been developed over the last seven years and we are now market specialists in the UK. We now offer our range of drinking water fountains in Europe, Southern Africa and America. Although some of our indoor drinking fountains are manufactured in the UK, we still import many drinking fountains from the USA which is by far and away the market leader..

For customers unsure about the correct indoor drinking fountain solution for their needs, please call us on 0845 500 4455 to discuss your options.

Please note that water filters installed in a drinking water fountain should be replaced every six months.